Toradora! OVA


An unaired episode included in the Blu-ray box set.

Yuusaku brings an extravagant bento box to share with the class, which makes Ryuuji feel inferior about his own bento making skills. Desperate to beat his bentos, Ryuuji obsessively tries to compete against them to the point where he even brings a rice cooker to school. After Taiga brings him some salty onigiri, Ryuuji realises that the true meaning of bentos is not the taste, but the feelings that are put into it.

[Tsundere] Toradora! – OVAv2 [BDRip h264 1280×720 10bit FLAC][BDB56516].mkv
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[Exiled-Destiny] Toradora OVA [BD 720P 8Bit] (E0090597).mkv
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  1. Half Blood
    April 10, 2015, 3:02 pm,

    Wrong description, this isn’t the recap OVA, but blu-ray special.!:_Bentou_no_Gokui

    The recap ova wasn’t subbed by anyone.

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