Tamayura: More Aggressive

Tamayura: More Aggressive Episode 8.5
A School Trip for One Day Only

OVA たまゆら~もあぐれっしぶ~

OVA (episode 8.5) of Tamayura: More Aggressive ▶ Maon comes down with a fever,
resulting in her missing the opportunity to go on a school trip with Fū and the others.
When the girls pay her a visit once they return, Norie discovers a sketchbook that Maon was
hoping to fill with memories of the school trip, crying when she notices it is completely
blank. Noticing Maon also becoming upset over not being able to go, Fū suggests that
everyone take her on another school trip just for them. The girls decide to go to Onomichi,
where they participate in all the local tourist activities whilst Maon starts filling up her
sketchbook. By the end of the day, Maon manges to completely fill in her
sketchbook, thanking Norie for crying for her that time.

[Nishi-Taku] Tamayura ~more aggressive~ – 8.5 (OVA) [720p-Hi10P][7FB8D530].mkv
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