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Pretty Cure All Stars
New Stage 3: Friends Forever

映画プリキュアオールスターズニューステージ3 永遠のともだち

The 6th of the Pretty Cure All Stars crossover movie series featuring all current
Pretty Cure characters and the last of the “New Stage” film, including the 16th movie
of all Pretty Cure movie series. It was released in theaters in Japan on March 15, 2014.
The Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! characters make their movie debut. This movie
marks the 10th Anniversary of the Pretty Cure Franchise.

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OtakuShare ◀◀ Recommended

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  1. smf
    July 30, 2014, 9:51 pm,

    that movie aint even english subbed yet. i dont like precure ya retard, we just add all anime releases, only an idiot would say shit without knowing whether it’s english subbed or not.
    hxh movie will get added when there’s an english subbed release.
    this site aint made for you, who said you can come here. get lost.
    [pg version for kids]

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