Pokemon XY

“The 2014 New Year’s Eve Mega-Scale Pokémon Special!!
A New Year’s Eve Pokémon mega special that stretches 3hrs long.
(aired on Wednesday December 31st, 2014)

Part 1: “A Complete Showcase of Legendary Pokémon”
Part 2: “Pocket Monsters Special: A Full Showcase of Intense Battles!”

* The Promise to Lugia!
* Groudon VS Kyogre! (Part 2)
* Dialga and Palkia! The Final Battle!!
* Reshiram VS N! Beyond Ideals and Truth!!

[PM] Pocket Monsters XY New Year’s Eve 2014 Super Mega Special [H264 720P][F0AB6F28].mkv
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Note: The four rerun episodes that make up roughly two thirds
of this special have been cut from this release.

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