Nijiiro Prism Girl

Nijiiro☆Prism Girl

The beautiful and tall Kohinata Nijika, a 6th grade kid who doesn’t look her age and daughter of an
office chief of a TV station, avoids the entertainment world since her mom, a legendary actress, died
from a sickness. Hiding the truth about her family, Nijika keeps another secret. The fact that she’s
living with the prince-like actor, Ichinose Touya, may create a ruckus if it is discovered.

Running for another errand, Nijika, together with her pet Kapitama-kun, coincidentally run into
a drama set that’s lacking an actress due to food poisoning. She volunteers for the role and…

[KiteSeekers] Niji-iro Prism Girl OVA 01 [H264 DVD Hi10P 848×480][D4C3BEF6].mkv
[KiteSeekers] Niji-iro Prism Girl OVA 01 [XviD DVD 848×480][E400EDBC].avi

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