Mob Psycho 100
[HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 – 12 [1080p].mkv
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[HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 – 12 [720p].mkv
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[HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 – 12 [480p].mkv
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  1. anime lover
    September 26, 2016, 7:03 pm,

    I have no choice but to love this Anime hope it gets 2nd season soon
    Also Reigen is the best

  2. Koka
    September 26, 2016, 7:21 pm,

    OtakuShare Link is not working again

  3. Anonymous
    September 26, 2016, 10:01 pm,

    why does the otakushare link just loop you back to the page….

  4. storrm
    September 26, 2016, 10:59 pm,

    13min in to the 720p one crash my cccp and when i verify the local data with transmission it crashes at 62% sooo im Dling the 1080p one

  5. Kii-lon
    September 29, 2016, 8:55 am,

    The finale is finally here and it was worth the wait…
    to see how KICKASS master reigen was and to top it, bring
    the guys back down to earth and to reality…

    Seriously never doubt reigen’s awesomeness.
    But other then that, I really enjoyed this episode and
    more so the journey throughout these past 12 episodes!

    I knew this show was going to be great from the beginning
    and i’m happy to see it still is despite any flaws it may have.

    It was a great show, filled with characterization, emotion, world-building, comedy gold
    and much more! Here’s to Season 2 in the future and with the awesome news of
    One Punch Man getting a 2nd Season just the day before the 12th episdoe finale of
    Mob Psycho 100 aired…I have hopes that the 2nd season will be announced before
    or during OPM 2nd Season next year!

    Boku no Hero Academia got one and if this series proves well in popularity/blu-ray sales/etc…
    I bet it will too!

    Indeed…and if a 2nd Season does happen then hoh boy…from what
    I heard from people who have read the manga past the claw arc…all
    I know is that shit will get real and HYPE!

    I won’t read the manga for reasons as I want to be as blind
    when a potentially 2nd Season happens. I may read the chapters
    before the next chapters after this episode but…I want to be surprised
    when it comes!

    Anyways thank to BONES and ONE for their amazing work
    on MP-100! I hope to look forward to more of this series
    in the future just like OPM!

    Fun Fact: The Last Part of episode 12 was key-animated by ONE himself
    which is why the characters look exactly like their manga-counterparts! It was
    certainly interesting, nice and fun! (A fun Omake [Bonus] I must say, just like what
    happened with OPM on it’s final episode!)

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