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  1. Kii-lon
    July 14, 2016, 1:53 am,

    It’s finally started…
    After many months of waiting since it’s announcement, it’s finally here.
    I’m surprised they’re aren’t any comments so i’ll make the first one.

    (This isn’t a review btw, just my thoughts.)
    This show has me really excited…

    More so from the fact that this is from the mind of ONE, famed
    for One Punch Man, with many big names from director Yuzuru Tachikawa to char. designer Yoshimichi Kameda (famed for his chronograph/animation) to Composor Kenji Kawai (a very prominent veteran who’s composed on many works from the 1980s to Now) and more!

    Just learned about those people behind this series incl. ONE’s work was not
    what influenced me to check the series out, no…I knew about Mob Psycho 100
    before…but it was the love the series has gathered, the amount of praise that
    people gave ONE for his story-telling and just that was the tipping point…

    When the first trailer came out in Feb. 2016, it was the ANIMATION combined with the unique artstyle of ONE which caught my eye, more so after OPM ended after sometime.

    So just from the first episode alone, I was already blown away by the amount of animation (all hand-drawn amazingly!) and how it oozes style.

    But not only that, the expressions all the characters express are really detailed
    and only shows how much passion was put into this show. The humor can
    be subjective and liked or not liked by many which I understand, but to me I chuckled
    at some of the scenes.

    Then there’s the intro as well, that was one of the best intros I have ever
    seen in years! It’s not the usual intro that I usually see in an anime, heck…
    I can’t stop listening to it because of how I love the song and enjoy the rhythmic counting!

    That and uh, learning that the intro actually teases a lot of what to come…
    incl. the broccoli surprisingly!

    Reigan is an interesting fellow, a scam-artists who puts up a front of being
    a real psychic while not. But I somehow like him despite that, esp. his ridiculous
    expressions and his “special” salt moves.

    Then there’s Mob, with the face of a certain caped baldy (well, almost everyone has
    that face but still) that’s an actual real psychic and the “titular” protagonist of the show.
    I’m not completely blind on what this show will go into but the first second Mob comes in, I already liked him and interested in what’s gonna happen with him along with his “Master/Student” relationship with Reigen.

    From what I know, this first episode focuses on setting up the ground work
    and adaptes the omake (bonus) chapters of Mob Psycho 100 so the story hasn’t started just yet…but I learned that soon it will by Ep. 2 or 3, that’s when things will begin moving.

    They’re a lot of things that I enjoyed from the first episode and while it’s not the biggest/best episode out there, I heard the next episode is gonna be better then this one, showing more of the chars (some people saw the 2nd ep. at Anime Expo ’16 a week before the series premiered.) so i’m most certainly intrigued for what’s to come!

    This is one long comment so i’ll end it off with how I admire the colorfully animation with Mob, that scene at the beginning had some amazing chronography along with the ending with that spirit as well! Everything just blends wonderfully together…

    I can’t wait for the next episode!

    This first episode of Mob Psycho 100 was in itself a ride of fluid animation, ridiculous
    expressive humor (subjective to some) and statically-charged scenes with Mob!

    Loved it, the intro and more and can’t wait for next week’s episode!
    Especially after hearing everyone loving the story of Mob (from those who
    read the Manga!) and how great One is a great storyteller! Yup!

  2. miki
    August 1, 2016, 10:55 pm,

    overrated shit

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