Common questions and Answers

An episode has broken links, what do I do?

Comment on the page with what hosts are broken.

When is show ‘x’ out?

We have a nice little countdown site. Click here.

Can you please upload to ‘x’ host!

We have a page dedicated to host talk. Click here.

How do I watch the anime I download?!

Use CCCP: Click here.

Can you upload ‘x’ anime?

Fill in this form and we’ll add it sooner or later. Click here or here

Can you send me ‘x’ anime?

No. We will never send you anything. Period. You either get it on the site, or you request it to be uploaded (or reuploaded), but we will never send emails, private messages, etc. We are not your private uploading service.

Why Pastebin?

Pastebin is an easy way to put all the files into one list. Sometimes doing folders takes time (if internet is slow on our end, CPU is high from encoding, etc.) This shouldn’t matter much though – Pastebin links should be in order with the filelist name. (Note: Very first time posts that use Pastebin might not be in order.)