Japan Animator Expo

Animator Expo Streaming: ▶ Episode 3: ME!ME!ME!
Planning, Original Work, Director: Hibiki Yoshizaki
Character Design, Animation Director: Shuichi Iseki
Producer: Tomoyuki Ogata
Music: “ME!ME!ME! feat.daoko”
Animation music video by TeddyLoid x daoko x Studio khara.

You are attacked and ravished by many girls.

Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition – ME!ME!ME!.mkv
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Animator Expo Streaming: ▶ Episode 4: Carnage
Original Work, Character design, Storyboard, Director: Akira Homma
Animation Production: Studio Khara
Script Writing: Hayato Tanaka
Producer: Tomoyuki Ogata

Only the dead body stayed.
A One-armed Woman with a ghastly past, she dyed the wasteland in blood in order to achieve revenge to a man of the One eye…

Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition – Carnage.mp4
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The Japan Animator Expo – 04 (Carnage).mkv
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