Japan Animator Expo

Animator Expo Streaming: ▶ Episode 5: Gensatsu Gundam
From: “Mobile Suit Gundam”
Composition/Editing: Hideaki Anno
Animation Production: Studio Khara
Original production and Copyright: SUNRISE
“Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano: Collection of KeyAnimation Films”

MOBILE SUITE GUNDAM series are still favored by
various generations, passed its 35th anniversary.
The animators who played the core roles in the memorable first series
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM are Yoshikazu Yasuhiko・Ichiro Itano
We would like to leave the key animations as the film production to posterity
to praise their achievements, which influenced not only on the audience
but also on the current anime industry.

The Japan Animator Expo – 05 (Gensatsu Gundam).mp4
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Animator Expo Streaming: ▶ Episode 6: Nishi-Ogikubo
Storyboard, Director: Mahiro Maeda
Plot, Character Design: Takeshi Honda
Producer: Tomoyuki Ogata

“20min Walk From Nishi-Ogikubo Station, 2 Bedrooms,
Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 2mos Deposit, No Pets Allowed”
Rika woke up on the sofa in the usual room.
She feels the unusual atmosphere…

A little away from the station, 2LDK room is available for visit.

The Japan Animator Expo – 06 (Nishi-Ogikubo).mkv
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  1. OlderThanMost
    December 12, 2014, 4:59 pm,

    Thanks! Please excuse an obvious question: Is there an Animator Expo Episode 5?

    • smf
      December 12, 2014, 8:54 pm,

      yeah, the torrent release is in the raw category since it doesnt need any translations.
      a collection of ’79-’82 mobile suit gundam scenes next to original drawing pictures.
      “Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano: Collection of KeyAnimation Films”
      it’s not really worth adding, but ill add so you can see.

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